Friday, December 31, 2010

Year end review (just for laughs)

OK, time to review all my (cough, cough) lofty sewing goals for the year and see what (if anything) I actually accomplished.  Here they are:
  •  Organize my sewing space - and keep it that way!
I reconfigured my bedroom storage closet so I have a lot more shelving, and that helps.  But my sewing table is a continual struggle to keep neat and tidy.
  • Sew every day, even if it's only for a few minutes
Nope.  But I look at my sewing stuff every day...
  • Make muslins more often
I'm definitely doing this, with mixed results.  I expect that now that I have slopers that fit me, I'll have a lot more success in the future.
  • Finish at least one garment per month 
How about every other month?
  • Finish my daughter's Halloween costume by mid-October
This one doesn't count, because I couldn't get her to decide what she wanted to be until we were on vacation to Seattle in late October.  She went as a bunny rabbit, wearing a costume made from a large bath sheet with a bunny hood on it (gift from her great Aunt Sally, not sewn by me).
  • Spend less time READING/BLOGGING about sewing/knitting, and more time sewing/knitting 
Um....yeah...about that one...
  • Figure out some way to make money sewing, or teaching sewing - and DO IT!
I *did* this - I've talked with the director of my daughter's school, and if I can get my stuff together, I may be teaching some afterschool kids' classes, or even some evening classes for adults in 2011.
  • Sew more clothes for my daughter 
I'm definitely sewing more for her, probably 2/3 of my finished items were for her.
  • Stop buying mass-produced crap clothing (including thrift store stuff that doesn't fit well); buy local/handmade products whenever possible 
I'm still shopping at Goodwill, but for things I can refashion.  Mostly for my daughter, though.
  • Make myself a great fitting:
    • woven blouse
    • winter coat
    • pair of jeans
    • bra
The blouse and coat are now within striking distance.  The jeans and bra will have to wait until 2011, I think.
    • Work on improving my skills and learn how to:
      • insert an invisible zipper
      • sew on Slinky knit so it doesn't look like crap
      • use some of the tools/notions I haven't used much (or at all)
      • make great buttonholes 
    I've given up on the Slinky knit sewing, mostly because I don't really love the fabric.  But I've practiced quite a few zippers and buttonholes this year, and I think I have greatly improved my skill in those areas.

    Though it wasn't on my list, my big achievement was taking the moulage workshop with Kenneth King this year.  I am really looking forward to working with my slopers to create the best fitting clothes I've ever made. (Stay tuned for my 2011 sewing goals...)

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