Friday, September 11, 2009

Cloche hat continued...

I've made it past the brim, and am now two rows into the mindless st st of the hat itself - yay!  I plopped it on my daughter's head, and the fit is much improved. I think this will turn out very nicely. My plan is to work on it some more on Sunday at church.

I'm always on the lookout for mindless knitting that I can do while I'm at church or in meetings. I've even spoken with Jodi, the minister of the church I attend, about her feelings about knitting during the service, and she has no problem with it. I wouldn't think about bringing a large project or a complicated stitch pattern to church, though - I like to have something to keep my hands busy while my mind is free to focus on the sermon.

I've been puttering around in my bedroom, which is where my sewing machine, stash and other sewing accoutrements reside (at the moment). We have a fairly large bedroom, but the sewing stuff takes up a decent chunk of real estate. My husband (who only asks that I keep a clear path for him from the door to his side of the bed) put up shelving in the room for me a couple weeks ago, and it's made a huge difference. I'm one of those sewers that always has a big pile o' crap on the sewing table, so the actual space available for me to sew on is pretty small. I'm hoping to get everything off the table this weekend and either up on the shelves or in my fabric closet (yes, the smaller closet in our bedroom is my main stash storage place).

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