Monday, September 7, 2009

Kit Kittredge Cloche Hat

My daughter wants to be Kit Kittredge (of American Girl Doll fame) for Halloween this year. So I started on a cloche style hat for her this morning. I'm using a lighter weight yarn on smaller needles, so I added another 12 sts to the initial cast. I've gotten as far as the brim, but I need to knit it off of the 16" circular onto a larger one so I can check the fit. Don't want to go too much farther if her head will be swimming in it.

(a few hours pass by...)

Ooops. Too late. It's definitely on the large side - I *thought* I was using a lighter weight yarn, but it turns out I'm not (the pattern specifies Aran weight, but I saw the photo of the hat with the caption "Malabrigo worsted", and I guess the word "worsted" caught my eye and got stuck in my brain).

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