Friday, December 4, 2009

First Up for Unique Patterns: Pants

Since I missed the MOT (Month of Tops) sewalong in November, I thought I might see if I could do the Month of Pants (MOP - ?) in December.  My goal:  one pair of pants.  Now, I know that doesn't sound all that difficult, but my month is already pretty full, what with our big annual holiday party next week, then a week of Hannukah, then a few days before Christmas, then a week-long vacation at Sugarloaf from Christmas to New Year's Eve...well, that doesn't leave a whole lot of time for sewing, now, does it?

But since the pants pattern (Simplicity 3962) couldn't be any easier, I thought I would give it a try.  Really, it's just a front and back with a side zipper.  And, IN THEORY, it should fit me perfectly right out of the envelope.  So I'm going to try and get it cut out tomorrow, and sew it up Sunday night.

Wish me luck.

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