Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sewing goals for 2010

OK, I've been following the annual sewing goals posts on the Pattern Review website, and I've been stealing inspired by many of my fellow sewists' resolutions for 2010 to come up with my own insanely overreaching list:
  • Organize my sewing space - and keep it that way!
  • Sew every day, even if it's only for a few minutes
  • Make muslins more often
  • Finish at least one garment per month
  • Finish my daughter's Halloween costume by mid-October
  • Spend less time READING/BLOGGING about sewing/knitting, and more time sewing/knitting
  • Figure out some way to make money sewing, or teaching sewing - and DO IT!
  • Sew more clothes for my daughter
  • Stop buying mass-produced crap clothing (including thrift store stuff that doesn't fit well); buy local/handmade products whenever possible
  • Make myself a great fitting:
    • woven blouse
    • winter coat
    • pair of jeans
    • bra
  • Work on improving my skills and learn how to:
    • insert an invisible zipper
    • sew on Slinky knit so it doesn't look like crap
    • use some of the tools/notions I haven't used much (or at all)
    • make great buttonholes
So - stay tuned in 2010 to see how it goes!

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