Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Dirty Dozen

Here they are:

Blue fleece jacket, black knit top, Pucci-style
print (from Gorgeous Fabrics) top
Brown and white sleeveless dress, brown
rayon cardiwrap, brown pants
3/4 of 3/4 length sleeve top (work in
progress), shown w/brown pants
Mesh top, DKNY black jeans
OK, there's a few things missing.  You'll just have to imagine a pair of blue jeans, an apple-green long sleeve fleece pullover, and a long-sleeve scoop neck t-shirt with a muted gray-green print and a sprinkling of copper studs.  The battery in the camera died before I could capture them all, and it will be at least several hours before they are recharged again.


  1. hmmmm, thanks for your comment. No, it's probably not endometriosis, I came up with that too, but have no cramping or anything, and the pain is not in my shoulder tip. :) oh well. :/


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