Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In the Queue: Anthropologie Facile Camp Shirt

I'm looking for some longer length tops to layer up this winter, and I like the military trend but prefer a softer look.  I think this shirt fits the bill:

You can't see the detail too well on these images, but it looks like the epaulets are made from bias tubes that have been braided, same with the detail across the back yoke.  Very soft and feminine looking, though it will have to be in a color other than army green, I think.


  1. I, too, love this shirt. What colors do you have in mind for a knock off?

    thanks for visiting my blog-you are always welcome.

  2. I have a sandy/taupe-y colored piece of fabric in mind, unknown fiber content (probably some blend of cotton or rayon and polyester), which is very soft and drapey, almost like a sanded silk. It wrinkles a lot, though. Originally, I had thought I would use it for a trench dress, but I've changed my mind (again!) and think it will end up separates, this shirt and a skirt of some kind.

  3. I've loved having a browse through your blog. I like the Anthropologie shirt but I don't think I'd leave the pockets there (for me) as they would accentuate my bust too much. But the V-neck and 1/2 placket is really cute! Your choice of fabric sounds fantastic and I'm eager to see the finished shirt.
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