Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Embarrassment of riches (Warning: contains yarn porn!)

It's slow going, but I'm continuing my progress in organizing my basement craft and bedroom sewing areas.

This is what my basement looked like prior to my husband emptying the storage unit:

This is the view from the top of the basement stairs - the stairway is painted a light lavender color. The wall at the bottom of the stairs is "Soothing Green Tea" green.

This is the "green" side of the basement, where I'm setting up my crafting area, yarn storage and my daughter's "work" table.  The door on the left leads to the laundry room, storage area and furnace. The door on the right leads to the closet under the stairs - some day we may turn it into a half bath, but for now it's just general storage.

This is the "nook" where my IKEA storage unit/craft table is going. That wall with the outlets is about 8 1/2' long.  I love having all the outlets at countertop height - should be able to accommodate my convection oven, food processor, Foredom buffer, Dremel, magnifying light and more (for my polymer clay art).

This is the family room area on the other side of the stairs.  The wall looks very blue in these photos, but the color is a dark amethyst (purple). That funky post on the side of the room is holding up the house (there's a load bearing wall above).  We had thought we might do some sort of built-in cabinet back behind it for the DVD player/sound system components, but we're going to see if we have any furniture that might work in that space. We're going to install our movie projector on the rear wall (to the left of the support column) which will project the image onto a pull-down screen on the opposite side of the room.

View of the green room from the purple side of the stairs.

And, a view of the stairs from the green side.

My friend Clara helped choose these colors; the photos do not do them justice.  I love the high contrast between the green and purple - it's really energizing.  The baseboard trim has been primed, but not painted yet - it will be Muslin White.  The window on the green wall will be covered by a pull-down movie screen when we're watching our Netflix's at night..

View from the bottom of the stairs.

As I said, these photos were taken BEFORE my husband emptied the storage unit and filled up both spaces with all our crap stuff. I've been moving things like sports and camping equipment and out-of-season clothing to the new shelving we put in the laundry room storage area, and I would have been able to finish it before this weekend except that I need to get another shelving unit (or two) to put stuff on. So I decided to tackle my yarn stash instead.

In order to figure out how I wanted to store my yarn in the new space, I gathered all of it (well, most of it, because I can tell that some skeins are missing) and sorted it into piles on the floor.  (Yikes!  I have THAT much yarn?)  This is what it looked like earlier this afternoon, before I put it all away:

...and this is what it looks like now:

Gee, that's not so bad, now, is it? I did manage to fill a very large bag with yarn that I know I will never, ever knit, which I am planning to unload at a yard sale or similar venue this spring. The boxes are just temporary (I hope!); what I really want to put my yarn in are a few of these Neu Home Honeycomb 5-Section Storage Units (about $20 each at Amazon.com, this picture shows 4 units combined):

Pretty nifty, huh?  Except they are sold out everywhere online at the moment.  Gaaaah! 

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  1. I love the colors! And you are making fabulous progress


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