Thursday, January 14, 2010

So many patterns...but so few for me. :-(

Nancy K's recent post about choosing flattering sewing patterns got me thinking about exactly how many of the current crop of Vogue's new patterns I would consider sewing for myself.  Turns out, not very many.  Three out of 34 to be exact (there are 35 new patterns, but one is a handbag, so I'm not counting it).

The first is Vogue 1137; I would make the dress only (sans patch pockets), I think the coat needs someone 5'9" or taller to carry it off:

Next, Vogue 8612 (but seriously, how many of these dresses can I wear chasing my daughter around the backyard or on the playground?):

and Vogue 8626 (the round neck/longer version only):

(Oh wait.  I bought that one last year.)

I'm a bit sad thinking that so few patterns work for me, but I suppose I feel better knowing I can probably still afford to buy every pattern that does.  (Only when they are on sale at JA's or online, and not when I'm on a pattern buying moratorium, of course!)

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