Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NL953 - Part I

So I'm most of the way through cutting out my fabric, and I'm remembering why I don't like working with silk chiffon.  And neither does Sally Cowan, who writes on her Keeping You in Stitches website:

"Silk Chiffon is not the fabric to use when working on your first project. [NB: Make that "your first 100 projects."] It has a mind of its own. Because of its weight, it is perfect for pants, loose tops and flowing dresses. When cutting this fabric, cover your table with tissue paper. Pin a double thickness of fabric to the paper. Pin the pattern through the fabric AND paper. Keep pins within the seam allowances. Use sharp scissors and cut through all the layers. And pray."

Well, now, that's encouraging, isn't it?

And I like Claire Schaeffer's comment in her book, Sew Any Fabric:

"To avoid ripping and over-handling, make a test garment before cutting the fabric to refine the fit and practice your sewing skills."

Oh.  Oops.  Too late.

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  1. Christine, don't despair. The fabric is lovely to wear. My post silk chiffon crinkle pyjama sewing has included other crinkle fabrics, and I am getting better. Things that helped me (I am no expert so take with grain of salt) 1. Use really sharp scissors.2. Stabilize all horizontal seams (silk organza selvage). 3. sz 60 machine needle 4. Hand sew where you can bear to 5. Push the crinkles together a little as you sew to prevent rippling at seams. Best of luck from a fellow silk crinkle chiffon venturer.


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