Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Perfect Sew. Get. Some. NOW.

This stuff ROCKS.  After cutting a second (even wonkier than the first!) collar piece out of my fabric (the one at the top of the photo below), I balled up the remainder of my silk chiffon, ran it under cold water for a sec to dampen it, then put it in a coffee mug and sloshed a generous splash of PS on top. 

Ten minutes later, I was pinning the pattern piece to a crisp, freshly-pressed-into-submission piece of silk organza chiffon (!) and cutting out a much-better-behaved collar from it. (The PS-treated collar shown at the bottom of the photo looks a little off only because it has such a sharp crease on the CB foldline making it ripple a bit when laid open.)

I'm back to feelin' the love for this top again...

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  1. I used this to "harden" the cotton batiste for my son's baptismal gown. It was the only way I could embroider on the fabric.

    Thanks for the link!



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